Dr. Vanita Gupta (Gynecologist and Obstetrician)


Dr. Vanita Gupta has been practicing Gynecology, Hyderabad, India , offering her patients state-of-the-art treatment programs. Her educational background, ongoing research and extensive network of colleagues, combined with honors and recognition from patients and peers around the Hyderabad speak itself of her dedication and constant vigilance in obtaining the most advanced means of treating women for all forms of Gynecological issues. She is renowned for her diagnostic and surgical expertis´╗┐e and is affiliated to top professional and medical organizations.

Dr. Vanita Gupta and her team of highly qualified healthcare practitioners aid women throughout their reproductive years and beyond, assessing and addressing their needs at all stages of life, in whatever state of health and whenever they are in need of Gynecological medical advice and intervention. This includes women who are interested in preserving their health.

She evaluates a woman's medical history, including any familial history. Patients who lack knowledge of their biological history are tested for any genetic predispositions. Each patient benefits from our "team" approach, receiving personalized, compassionate, individualized care combined with cutting-edge treatments and protocols.